Friday, September 16th, 2011

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I was listening to this song today and thought that I wanted to take the different items that India.Arie's covers and I wondered what I would put for t-chan for the varying items. So here it so to amuse and to tell my t-chan how I sees her a little better.

If you were a color:
You'd be a bright leafy green because you're so earthy and connected to the natural world.

If you were a car:
You'd be a an old beat up, but well maintained 60's non-sporty car. You've had your hard times, bumps and bruises but you're better for them. Not less.

If you were a number:
You'd be a two who is peace loving and who gives me such a secure feeling.

If you were an animal:
You'd be a domestic kitty. If you don't want to talk about what you're thinking you won't but on the other side you are the warmest, most loving person that I know. And you like to sleep in the sunshine when it's warmed up the bed.

If you were a song:
You have a simple beat like that of a heart, but with words that cut straight and deep with meaning though the words wouldn't be as simple as their meaning.

If you were a building:
You'd be that a small home back along a wooded trail that no one would know exists if you hadn't been there before.

If you were a dance:
You'd be a polka. Fun and upbeat but utterly quirky.

If you were a fruit (not that it's mentioned specifically, but):
You'd be an apple. Simple, uncomplicated, but perfect.

I challenge you, mah t-chan friend! Take India.Arie's song and do it for me!


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