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Friday, May 13th, 2011 09:22 pm
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Yeah - I really need to be more on top of this when I decide to do a thirty days meme. But with the problems with the car and driving my anxieties b/c of it I haven't even thought about finishing this meme. And there isn't going to be any media to accompany anything tonight. I just don't have the energy just now.

Day 01 - Favorite Male Character = Kurt.
Day 02 - Favorite Female Character = Santana.
Day 03 - Favorite Group Performance = Bad Romance
Day 04 - Favorite Solo = KURT'S Teenage Dream performed by Blaine!
Day 05 - Favorite Duet = Rachel and Kurt - Happy Days/ Get Happy
Day 06 - Favorite Rachel/Finn Moment = First Moment in 2nd Season
Day 07 - Favorite Blaine/Kurt Moment = KISSING!
Day 08 - Favorite Quinn/Puck Moment - I don't have one.
Day 09 - Your favorite Kurt-Mercedes moment- Girl's Night!
Day 10 - Favorite Santana/Brittany Moment = When Brittany tells her to rock for comfort.
Day 11 - Favorite Sue Sylvester Moment = Don't have JUST one.
Day 12 - Couple you ship the MOST = KLAINE!
Day 13 - Scene/Moment That Pissed Me Off = Blaine Kissing Rachel
Day 14 - A Scene/Moment That Made Me Cry = Kurt's "I Want to Hold Your Hand"
Day 15 - A Scene/Moment That Made Me Happy = Finn's Dance With Kurt

Day 16 - My Favorite Episode = I don't have one.
I really don't just have one. I like them all in their own way. Certain songs and moments. There is at least one good point in every single episode.

Day 17 - My Least Favorite Episode = I don't have just one.
For the sames reasons I don't have just one that is my favorite, I equally don't have one that is my least favorite either.

Day 18 - My Least Favorite Character = Quinn.
Quinn is selfish, dishonest, shallow, and although she went though troubles and was the fat kid she still has an ugly personality. She's not the girl that I'd pick to have anything to do with, personally.

Day 19 - Your least favorite performance
Day 20 - Your favorite quote
Day 21 - Your favorite guest-star
Day 22 - Your least favorite guest-star
Day 23 - The character you most relate to
Day 24 - The character you would like to hear/see more of
Day 25 - Something that happened you wish hadn’t
Day 26 - Something that hadn’t happened but you wish had
Day 27 - Your idea for a future Glee episode
Day 28 - Your idea for a future Glee character
Day 29 - Your idea for a future Glee performance
Day 30 - Whatever tickles your fancy
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