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I've never considered writing to you a letter until I began to think about what I would want for the future and what I wanted done when I died. Morbid, right? But at some point it has to be considered. In the shower I thought about Dad first - cremating him and keeping a small keepsake style urn somewhere in the house. Same with Mom. That brought me to thinking of making a Will for myself and requesting that I be cremated and you decide what to do with the ashes since you'll sadly out live me. This got me to thinking that I don't think I have candidly - unabashedly - openly - and without hesitation - told you exactly what my feelings are and what place you precisely hold in my life. Though, I can make the assumption that you are already well aware.

I love you. Not as a friend and not as someone special to me. I love you as my soul mate. You're the person that I plan on spending the rest of my life with. And to me, being with you is well worth missing out on the sexual relationship that being with someone else might bring to a relationship. I feel completed when I am with you. I don't have to pretend. I don't have to hide some part of myself. You get me. I do dream about you, though, not in any way that I've told you about. You're in my erotic dreams, my dreams of marriage, family, life. Not the ones symbolic of anything but the ones that are blatantly my wishes, hopes, and dreams.

I come home and no matter what else, I feel relief at being home with you. It's our contented little haven (most of the time). I feel happy to know that I will be cuddled awake, that I will be loved regardless of what has or will happen. You make my life worth every moment. And I love you. Completely. With all of my heart.

Your, Always, Forever.
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